About Me




I grew up in Kentucky.  My father was a machinist for IBM and a Baptist minister.  My mother worked for the local school district and the University of Kentucky.

I met my wife of 39 years, Maggie, at Parkland Junior College in Champaign, Illinois.  We have three beautiful daughters, three grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.  We are also blessed to have a wonderful daughter-in-law and son-in-law.

In high school, I played several sports and was a member of our two-time state championship gymnastics team.  Also, during high school I worked harvesting tobacco and, in the summer, I worked for my grandfather in his construction company. 

Before I went into the air force and, later, to college, I had a variety of jobs including truck driver, crane operator, factory punch operator, etc.

In 1975, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served a four-year term as a Disbursement Accounting Specialist, E4.  As an Accounting Specialist, I also learned financial responsibility and accountability.

After my military service, I earned an engineering degree at the University of Illinois.  I graduated in 1981 and began my 12 year career with IBM, where I started as a procurement manufacturing engineer.  Later, my work at IBM brought me to Las Cruces.  Maggie and I fell in love with New Mexico and Las Cruces.  Though my career took me away for some years, we always longed to be in New Mexico.   When we retired, we came home.

Although I was an elected official earlier in my life, I decided to obtain certification here in New Mexico by enrolling in the NMSU Edge Certified Public Official program (18 classes; three  hours each).

Since returning to Las Cruces, I also have volunteered for a wide variety of nonprofits and organizations

NMSU Extesion Course
My grandfather, Eldin Hisle, and his brothers
My father, mother, grandmother, sisters, and me
Four Generations - my mother, me and my wife, our three daughters, and three grandchildren.
Volunteer Work

Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce

Armijo house opening

Christmas Santa Clause

Golf Tournament Planning Committee

Other Volunteer Services As Needed

KTAL Radio, LP 101.1

Talk show host

Downtown Las Cruces Community Partnership

Executive Board Member, Secretary

Federation of Democratic Women of Dona Ana County

Committee Member

Social Media Advisor

NMSU Capstone

Sponsor of student design projects in the NMSU College of Engineering

S.C.O.R.E. - Service Corps Of Retired Executives

Taught classes and provided services to startups and nonprofits



Career Work

Doña Ana Community College

Taught three classes at Workforce Center

EMC Corporation - 12 years -

Partner Manager - responsible for recruiting businesses and managing them.  Example: Dell Computers. I developed and rolled out their International Technical Sales Program.

Area Director - Responsible for 30 employees doing over $130 Million in Sales, providing complex solutions to fortune 1000 Companies.

IBM Corporation - 3rd Level Support Engineer and International Education for AIX and Internet.

ACIS (Higher Education Rep)- New Mexico.  Sold and implemented complex solutions to all Universities in New Mexico for 3 years.  Lived in Las Cruces, NM.